About Photography Atelier

Photography Atelier is a unique portfolio-making course for artists in any photographic medium, (black and white, color, slides or prints, print-making, alternative processes, video, or digital imaging), who feel ready to produce an emotionally and intellectually focused body of work.

In this advanced seminar students work with photographic media of their choice, digital or traditional, to produce a coherent collection of images. At each meeting, students bring their work for discussion and critique. The instructors offer philosophical and aesthetic advice which incorporates insights from both contemporary photography and the history of photography.

The instructors teach techniques of composition in order to communicate multi-valent photographic ideas. They teach how to edit photographs and how to create a strong portfolio. Instructors meet individually with students as they develop goals for final portfolio. Emphasis in this course is on creating art work which is richly allusive.

Each participant presents a final project in the form of a portfolio, a photographic book or album, a slide show, or a mixed media presentation. The goal of the seminar is for students to complete projects or portfolios, hang an exhibition, and prepare work for their own web pages on the existing Photography Atelier site: www.photographyatelier.org.

This seminar is open to intermediate and advanced students who feel ready to produce an emotionally and intellectually focused body of work. Karen Davis and Holly Smith Pedlosky teach this course in alternate years. Limited enrollment.

For more information, contact the instructors or Lesley Seminars.

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